• Identify Members Attending Your Events
    Identify Members Attending Your Events
  • Manage your Members
    Manage your Members
  • Use Face Recognition to Measure Attendance
    Use Face Recognition to Measure Attendance
  • Get to Know your Members
    Get to Know your Members
  • Sort and Assign Photos to each Event
    Sort and Assign Photos to each Event

Press Room – Churchix Facial Recognition Software

Face recognition software raises honest concerns over privacy. Some are afraid of a “Big Brother” mentality in which a Government spies on its citizens. Some are afraid of what they call “Identity Theft”, and many just don’t like the idea that someone might recognize them without their consent.

Although we fully understand these concerns, we think that they are mostly a bad feeling derived from a possible abuse of the technology rather than actual treats. On the contrary, face recognition software helps catching the bad guys, and ironically prevents identity thefts by running a duplicate test and allowing the user to track fraudsters who steal identities but use their own photo (think about a crook coming to the bank to cash out your check with a fake ID after replacing your photo). Face recognition technology provides a great added value, but we know you can’t really argue with a bad feeling.

You can read more about “Why the privacy fight against face recognition is a losing battle“.

Churchix and Face-Six got some nice coverage in the media, but were also criticized by several privacy advocates. Following are a few of the posts published about us.


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